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Should I seal my flat roof

Should I seal my flat roof We have sealed hundreds of roofs in Washington DC. Sealing a flat roof is tricky and understanding when to do it and over what is often misunderstood. The first thing to know is what type of flat roof do you have. There are typically only four different flat roofs…
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Shingle roof replacement cost per square foot

We often get the question "how much will my roof cost" over the phone. It is imperative to see every roof as they all carry different challenges. If a roofer is able to just give you a price over the phone without getting on your roof, you are likely going to either run into problems,…
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Commerical Flat Roof Contractor

Commerical Flat Roof Contractor We specialize in commercial flat roof repairs and replacement.  Commercial Roofing Solutions is a Commercial Flat Roof Contractor located in Rockville, Maryland.  Our services include the entire Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. #flatroofrepairs #newflatroof #flatroofreplacement #flatroofcontractor
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