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flat roof washington dc tpo

Complete Roofing Solutions has a long reputation in the flat roof industry in the Washington DC roofing market.  TPO is a durable single ply membrane.  The installation methods are nearly identical to that of EPDM,  with the exception of seams.  TPO seams are welded.  The flat roof DC.  They do not depend as heavily on…
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Apron Flashing at additions and bump out’s

Our experience is improper apron flashing is in the top five roofing issues as it pertains to additions.  Be it brick or siding,  proper apron flashing is imperative and most general contractors don't do it properly.  The apron flashing should be a monolithic piece of metal and go under the siding or through the brick…
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Flat roofs

Whether your flat roof is fifty years old or five years old,  material selection,  weather, grade and installation are major factors on how it will hold up.  Modified and standing seam are slowly giving way to both EPDM and TPO.   EPDM relies heavily on installation expertise,  as it utilizes primers, and tapes that are…
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Should I seal my flat roof

Should I seal my flat roof We have sealed hundreds of roofs in Washington DC. Sealing a flat roof is tricky and understanding when to do it and over what is often misunderstood. The first thing to know is what type of flat roof do you have. There are typically only four different flat roofs…
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