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How do I know if I need a "tear off"?

In our area you must tear off after two layers are installed.

How do I decide on what shingle to buy?

We can provide pro’s and con’s for each manufacturer.

Will a 30 year shingle last 30 years?

There are many factors in the longevity of a shingle roof. Some of them are quality of the shingle, installation, weather, and positioning of the shingles themselves.

Our Warranty

Complete Roofing Solutions offers repair warranties that span for a period of one year following the date of the repair.  Should you have an issue during that time,  it is important that you contact us immediately and we will schedule a visit to resolve the problem.  Our new roof warranty covers all aspects of the roof for a period of fifteen years.  The warranty and contract are exclusive to the homeowner or client who signed the original contract with us and are not transferable to a new homeowner without express permission from us prior to settlement.

How long will the roof take to install?

Most roofs are finished in two to three days and it obviously depends on the number of squares and condition of the roof.

I have some sagging in my roof. Does this mean that the repair will be costly?

Most of the time repairing the sheathing on a roof is relatively easy and affordable. There can be instances where the actual roof joists are damaged and this may be much more complex.

Can you install when it is very hot or very cold?

Installing roofs can happen all year long, however, with some commercial applications it is best to be done during relatively warm periods. As you might imagine, when it is too hot the shingles can be very pliable and you run the risk of rips and tears. At very cold temperatures asphalt shingles become brittle and difficult to cut and work with.

What is the best thing to do if my old roof is leaking and how long can I wait?

Call us if your roof is leaking. We will diagnose the issue and many times be able to stop the leak the same day.

Can I figure out how large my roof is?

A square is a 10ft by 10ft area and is widely used to calculate the area of your roof. This can be deceptive from the ground, however counting out squares can give you an idea of how large your roof actually is.

What is ice and weathershield?

Ice and Weathershield is an excellent underlayment that we use at gables, skylights, valley’s and low sloped areas.

What is flashing and where is it used?

Flashing is typically made of aluminum and can come in all shapes and sizes. It is typically used at termination areas.

The estimates I have received vary by a wide margin - why?

Roofing, just like anything else can have varying degrees of quaility in terms of installation. We know that doing it right the first time is the only option. For this reason we go the extra mile and use unique products where needed to ensure your roof is water tight.

Can I customize my gutters to make the water flow away from my house?

We are experts with all aspects of water flow and can customize your gutters to take the water where you want it instead of where it wants to go.

Will a maintenance agreement save me money on my building?

It is our experience that finding the leak prior to infiltration is always monetarily beneficial.