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How much will my new roof cost

By March 25, 2014April 10th, 2023No Comments

How much will my new roof cost

All roofs are different and shapes, sizes, slopes and equipment all play a role in determining a fee.

For shingled, slate, cedar, metal and flat roofs, the number of layers of existing material you currently have is important. This drastically affects the amount of debris that will need to be removed from the site. The roof pitch also dictates the fee. In the roofing world, we refer to these as walkable and non-walkable roofs. If a roof is non-walkable, the project is much more time consuming as ropes and shingles must be handled much differently. If you have mechanical equipment or solar panels on the roof, these will need to be factored in and can greatly affect the amount of time needed for installation. The size of the roof is the greatest single aspect of the fee. In the roofing world, we call these squares. A square is a 100 foor area. Imagine a ten by ten area on your roof and this is a square. Roofing material has different burn rates depending on factors like dormers, skylights and flashing. It is for this reason that a proper estimate should require a technician to actually get on the roof. This will allow for a true understanding of the current conditions. All too often we see other companies claiming a one size fits all roofing fee. Unfortunately, upon installation day the fee may change. Every roof has unique characteristics and proper planning large or small will allow for a successful project and a happy client.

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